Camping Vlietland renovations – autumn ’21 & winter ’22

November 30, 2022

New owners Camping Vlietland

Last autumn (’21) we – Felker and Luca – took over the campsite. The year before we were able to run the campsite independently, but together while we learned the tricks of the trade from the previous owners and founders of the campsite: Gerhard and Astrid. The campsite used to belong to the Watersportcentre Vlietland next door and has been around for about 30 years now. We are still neighbors of course and you can, for example, rent a canoe, sloop or motorboat at their place. But you can also bring your own boat when you go camping and store it in their harbor next to the campsite. Or climb to great heights on the exciting climbing island on the lake. See the fun activities in the vicinity on our (still) shared website.


In the winter we worked hard to make and improve the – already beautiful – place even more beautiful and better. For example, the complete drainage of the campsite has been renewed. See the photos here. And this works excellent! Rain showers disappear like snow in the sun these days and you no longer have wet feet with us. In some places you can still see the ‘tracks’ running in the grass, where the drainage – as you can see below – has been placed under the ground. Due to the dry spring (which is very nice though!), the ‘lanes’ sown with grass seed have not yet been able to grow everywhere as good as we hoped for. In order not to be bothered by this, we have placed grasstiles in those places. So that you can just walk over it and the grass can still grow in peace. A fun fact: the company that renewed our drainage also took care of the drainage system on the ‘Museumplein’ (the famous museum square) in Amsterdam. And another fun fact: with the enormous amount of soil that had to be removed, the playground is now one more play hill richer. This one is getting greener. And is already a nice place for children to run or cycle from. Or to lay down a beach towel for sunbathing or a picnic. On top of the ‘mountain’ you also have a special view over the playground and campsite.


Previously, the WiFi spot was at the reception of the Watersportcentrum and the old reception of the campsite, next to the camping area. But as of this year we have a WiFi spot on the camping site itself near the sanitary building, with a real lounge sofa. You almost forget here – with the beautiful view – that you came for the WiFi…

Make-over exterior sanitary building

In addition, we have transformed the sanitary building with a lick of paint. See our Instagram page for the videos and before and after photos. Inside, we updated the toilet accessories and took away the awkwardness of a public toilet with funky music. More fun to listen to the crackle of trumpets let’s say. In the photo above you can also see the renovated platform of the reception we’ve built in the spring of ’21!

Late check-in possibility

In addition, we have installed ten key boxes, if you look closely you can see them hanging on the sanitary building. This also allows you to check in after the reception has closed (until 22:00 at the latest). Are you stuck in traffic? Or do you still have to work before you go camping? Don’t worry, let us know in time and you can take it easy!

Reinforced Van spots

Furthermore, all camper pitches are reinforced with grass mats. So getting stuck with your RV will not happen here (anymore). Over time, more and more grass will grow through this, so that it naturally blends into the environment. In addition, two beautiful new Vanspots have also been created. Number 28 and 22, see map and the photo below. With this, the small tent field has become a bit smaller, but many times more cozy in terms of setup and no longer suitable for groups ;)!


Speaking of natural: we planted about 160 new plants, bushes and trees. Including the butterfly bush, hawthorn, prunus and farmer’s jasmine. This, in order to create more privacy between the camping pitches in a natural way. But also to contribute to more biodiversity and to add more color to the terrain. Because of the different flowering periods, there are always beautiful flowers to be found around you.

Laundry room

We replaced the washer and dryer with new equipment. For €5 (works on €1 coins) you have fresh laundry and for €0.50 you can dry the laundry for 20 minutes. Usually that is enough. With towels, a second round of drying may be nice.

Breakfast service

In addition, we have a super tasty breakfast service in collaboration with a bakery from Voorburg. On Saturday and Sunday morning and daily during the high season you can enjoy the tastiest (baguette) breads, pistolets, croissants. And to make your breakfast complete: you can also choose from fresh orange juice, a hard-boiled egg or a delicious chocolate muffin. Yum! The bread can be ordered the day before. So if you want to enjoy a carefree breakfast on Saturday morning, you can place your order with us on Friday before 2:00 PM at the latest. This can be done by email too, but also on the campsite at the reception. Your order can be picked up at our reception from 9:00 am. See the range here.

New logo + map

We designed a new logo ourselves. And thanks to a design studio in Leiden, we also have a new map and a large information board upon entering the site. It also contains great tips for during your stay. These can be scanned with a QR code.

Just the beginning…

Unfortunately, not everything can be done at once, so there is still a lot on our list in the coming years! Are you curious? Then keep an eye on us! We wish everyone a nice summer and hopefully see you at our campsite.